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Katihar City

Katihar, a part of Purnia division, has total area coverage of 3057 sq km. With a population of 2,389,533, the place is located at 25.53 degree north and 87.58 degree east. The district, with a population density of 782 persons per sq km, has a total literacy rate of 35.29% as per the 2001 census. An independent district since 1973, Katihar is primarily an agrarian region. Paddy is the chief commercial crop. However, the district also houses jute and paper mills.

While the total urban population of Katihar is 2, 18,246, total rural population is 2,171,287. Also for every 1000 males there are 919 females in the region. One of the interesting facts about Katihar is that it has only 23% of its population below poverty line. Named after a tiny village dighi-katihar situated at the northeast corner, the district has a rich heritage. Closely linked with Purnia by proper roads Katihar is well-known for the prominent northeast railway junction.

With a steadily increasing literacy rate and declining below poverty line mark, Katihar is surely making a mark of its own as one of the 37 districts of Bihar.

We Provide the Following Services from Katihar:

- Air Ambulance Services from Katihar
- Emergency Evacuation Services from Katihar
- Ambulance Services from Katihar
- Medical Ambulance Services from Katihar
- Air Ambulance Charter Services from Katihar
- Ground Ambulance Transfer from Katihar
- Telephone Support Katihar
- Medical Advice at Katihar
- Air Ambulance Services from Katihar