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Jhansi City

The gateway to Bundelkhand, Jhansi is a city that is linked still with the legend of its fiery queen, Rani Laxmibai.

In the 1857 war against the British, she led her troops into battle, striking a blow for Indian independence and laying her life down for her cause. Jhansi is ideally located for various rewarding excursions in the area.

Within easy reach are fascinating destinations like Orchha, Shivpuri, Deogarh and Khajuraho.

Now adding another dimension to this spleen did destination is the Jhansi Festival, an annual event scheduled in February/March each year-a display of the arts/crafts and culture of the region.

We Provide the Following Services from Jhansi:

- Air Ambulance Services from Jhansi
- Emergency Evacuation Services from Jhansi
- Ambulance Services from Jhansi
- Medical Ambulance Services from Jhansi
- Air Ambulance Charter Services from Jhansi
- Ground Ambulance Transfer from Jhansi
- Telephone Support Jhansi
- Medical Advice at Jhansi
- Air Ambulance Services from Jhansi